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Get efficient process for redeeming your vehicle at Preferred Towing, Inc. Work personally with our staff to get in, get out and get on with your vehicle at the best possible price. Call today for assistance or stop by to speak with our team. Get your private property impounds forms here!

An affordable option for impounding

- You must be the registered owner of the vehicle (title or current registration in your name)

- You must have a picture I.D.

- All charges must be paid in cash before the vehicle leaves the yard

- We reserve the right to not release any vehicle without proper I.D.

Our yard policy:



My vehicle is in impound, how do I get it back?

We will ask you to come to our office, show photo identification matching the registered owner information of the vehicle, and pay the towing and storage charges

I just bought my vehicle, but it is not yet registered in my name. Is my bill of sale adequate for proof of ownership?

If your bill of sale is notarized, it is adequate for redemption of your vehicle. Otherwise, you will need to register the vehicle in your name prior to redemption.


The vehicle I am attempting to redeem is registered to a friend or family member. Can they call you and authorize me to pick it up?

The law does allow for owners to designate an individual to redeem their vehicles. However, the authorization must be in writing and we must be able to verify their identity (i.e. fax a copy of photo identification or send a notarized letter).




Do you charge to remove junk vehicles from private property?

Vehicles towed from private property are towed at the vehicle owners expense. You can print a private property impound form here.




Someone is parked in my businesses lot without my permission. Can you tow the vehicle away for me?

If you have proper signs posted, and the vehicle is not authorized to park in your lot, you can have the vehicle towed away at the owner's risk and expense (impounded). Or, if the vehicle has been left in your business lot for more than 24 hours, it can be impounded at your request. See also abandoned or junk vehicle FAQ below for exceptions where there may be a fee. To authorize an impound, call us to initiate the tow and complete the following form to authorize the tow: Authorization to Impound. (You may either download the form or request one from our driver.)


Someone is parked in my yard or driveway without my permission. Can you tow the vehicle away for me?

You can request immediate removal (impoundment) of a vehicle improperly parked at your residence. No signage is required for this type of tow from your residence (except apartment buildings). We will promptly remove the vehicle if you've authorized it with the following form: Authorization to Impound If the vehicle is junk and of no value, we will ask you to pay for this service. Otherwise, the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for the towing charges.


Questions? Concerns? Our staff is happy to help in any way we can to make the impounding process as easy as possible. Visit today! Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.


Impound FAQ's

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